This is the cheapest solar generator on the market, can run for hours without power, fan, TV and desktop

 This is the cheapest solar generator on the market, can run for hours without power, fan, TV and desktop

Solar power generators have entered the market a long time ago and have received a good response in a short span of time. Actually, solar power generators provide power supply without any pollution and in times when there is a power failure or you are in an area where there is no electricity, these solar power generators give you a backup. If you are thinking of buying it, then today we have brought you the hottest option of solar power generator, which will also fit in your budget, as well as using it, you can run a fan for hours without electricity in your home. . You can also operate TV and many other devices from here.

What are the features of SR Portable Solar Generator?

 The SR Portable Solar Generator has a capacity of 130 watts and includes 2 AC connector ports, 100 watts of AC output, a Li-Ion battery pack, and bright LED lights so you can use it in camping or home power situations. There is an outage. Its price is Rs 17,999. The high performance, portability and long battery life of SR Portable Solar Generator will help you run your appliances even without the availability of electricity.

 SR Portable Solar Generator is so small that you can easily carry it anywhere in your bag. With this you can charge or operate your laptop, radio, power bank, smartphone and other small devices. This solar generator can come in handy when you face any emergency and its use does not put any burden on your pocket as well. Its price is Rs 17,999.

 SARVAD portable solar power generator

 SARRVAD Portable Solar Power Generator S-150. Its battery size is small and you can easily keep it anywhere. It can be used to power small appliances such as TVs and laptops. It is a very light and powerful device.

 Its capacity is 42000mAh 155Wh. With this you can charge the iPhone 8 about 8 times. It weighs 1.89 kg and is quite compact. You can charge it with sunlight from a solar panel (14V-22V/3A max). If we talk about its price, then you can get this solar power generator for 100 rupees. 19,000 can be easily bought at an affordable price of Rs.

 It is so small that you can take it anywhere in your bag and charge or run all small devices including your laptop, radio, powerbank, smartphone. It can be of great use in an emergency and does not put a burden on your pocket either.

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